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Our Story

Bonnie Fletcher began her pet career as an animal control officer for a local animal shelter.  So many dogs were surrendered by their owners because they had behavioral issues.  They would jump, bark, run away or even bite.  Most of these dogs just needed training but their owners lacked the knowledge of how to train their dog.  After seven years Bonnie left the shelter because she wanted to help owners keep their dogs instead of sending them to the shelters to die.

In 1988 Bonnie opened up Bathing Beauties, a pet grooming salon.  The salon was located in Williamstown and the business was thriving.  But Bonnie wanted to do more with animals.  In 1995 she went to National K9 Training Academy in Ohio.  She became a certified master trainer, she can train in all areas - obedience, scent detection, breed handling, support dogs and k-9 training.  She is also a Canine Good Citizen evaluator through American Kennel Club.  Bonnie has been a member of The Boardwalk Kennel Club for over 15 years.

In 1997 she opened This Obedient Canine in Williamstown.  She had one of the first dog daycare centers in this area and she had a waiting list of clients for dog training.  Between training, running her business, grooming and dog showing, her life was very busy.

In 1998 Nancy Dole became one of the leaders of the Gloucester County 4-H K9 Krusaders Dog Club.  Their meetings were held in Bonnie's training center.  This was the beginning of their friendship.  And then in 2000 Nancy became a co-leader of the Gloucester County Forward to the Future Seeing Eye Puppy Raisers Club.  This club also met in Bonnie's training center.  Bonnie became the puppy educator for the seeing eye club.  She was always there to help out.

In 2003 one of Bonnie's family members became ill, so she made the decision to sell her business.  She needed to take care of her family member.  Also that same year Nancy became the president of the Gloucester County 4-H Fairboard Association, so she stepped down as a leader to both clubs.  In 2007 Nancy was asked to become the leader again for the 4-H dog club.  The club re-organized and changed the name to Canine Can Do.  When Bonnie sold her business and Nancy became more involved with 4-H, they lost track of each other.  Bonnie began training dogs at Halo House.  In 2012 Nancy ran into Bonnie and asked her to be a judge for the dog show that was being held at the 4-H fair.  Bonnie agreed and she has been involved with the club ever since.  In 2015 Bonnie became the co-leader of the 4-H club.

In August of 2014 Bonnie began training at Joe Nick K9 Training Center in Vineland.  She loved working for Joe Nick but the commute was 60 miles round trip.  With working a full time job it became too much on her.  At the same time Nancy lost her job.  She took a course on dog training and became a certified dog trainer and a Canine Good Citizen evaluator.   In January, 2015 they decided they wanted to open their own training center.  Shortly thereafter they found a building and their dream came true.